Built specifically for hazmat shipping and utilizing advanced 3D visualization technology and real-time reporting mechanisms, Hazmatica provides advanced tools that empower the men and women on the front lines of your shipping operation to move goods swiftly, safely and autonomously. The result? A cheaper, safer, more streamlined shipping operation that leads to bottom-line savings and helps drive your business forward.

Shipping Management Software

Next-generation shipping management software for the safe and profitable shipment of hazmat goods across ground, air or sea.

  • An advanced shipping management solution, with compliance as standard
  • Empowers workers to make business critical decisions from the field, in real-time.
  • ‘Show and tell’ visualization tools leave nothing to the imagination.
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Operations Training

A modern, interactive and action-oriented approach to training and education for fully-compliant hazmat shipping operations.

  • An intuitive, mobile interface designed for use on the front lines of your operation.
  • Cuts through complexity to make hazmat operations simple for your team.
  • Saves you time, money and all manner of logistical headaches.
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