What's cooking at Hazmatica?

Q1/Q2 Jan-June, 2021

Now that Spring has arrived in Midwest USA, it's time to drain the snow blower of fuel and clean out the shed. Yup, we need to make room for some new tools!  

  • Introducing a stable Hazmatica
  • Introducing HazmaticaFST
  • Introducing HazmaticaVR


Thank you to everyone who participated in the beta. We're very happy to report a stable version of Hazmatica is just around the corner!

The release implements our most notable feature to date: Shipping Papers! It also includes many features that make it a profit machine.

Hazmatica closes the gaps to an efficient hazmat supply chain

  • the shipper and carrier interpret regulations differently
  • packaging is missing a label, wrong packaging, incorrect markings
  • shipping paper is missing, shipping paper is incorrect. mismatching paperwork and package
  • no records retention. all manual paperwork.

What are the benefit of closing these gaps you ask? A lot! For one, profitability. When you can effortlessly ship any amount of material or substance you can ship more and profit!

However, the real benefit is supply chain visibility. No, not where the shipment is in transport but exactly what that package represents in a physical world. With a clear, visual overview of the hazmat and dangerous goods related information you become a better partner.

So is it adapt and thrive or the status quo of PowerPoint and talking?


One of the challenges we face as software developers is lack of technology within facilities. In order to take advantage of true 3D content, you need a video card. Most business machines include integrated while our original PC program required a non-integrated dedicated GPU something you'd find in a gaming laptop or PC.

Problem is, what company has a gaming machine? Not many as we found out but we quickly adapted. Our team went back and redesigned the delivery method from PC to HTML5. This build type allows the same competency-based training as the PC version but allows it to work in any Chrome browser. Make sure to let your IT know you are using our software so they can ensure your network allows inbound and outbound connections from our URL to enable quiz records to be transmitted for certification.  profit.


The price to enter the VR market has never been lower. Will it go over lower? Maybe but the fact of the matter is, wireless is here to stay and it will only get better!

We're offering an entry level system that includes the hardware and software pre-loaded and ready to go. Turn-key!

From there, you can choose to expand the Manway Securements app to meet your business needs or a new experience can be created for you. It's up to you!

Price for the Oculus Quest 2 bundle is $