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We approach the hazmat and dangerous goods regulations (49 CFR, IATA and IMDG) with the simplistic notion that it's better to see what you need to do rather than read or talk about it. 3D Training and Virtual Reality allow employees to experience and feel real life situations without the risk. This ensures function-specific and competency-based regulatory requirements are met. Ready to experience compliance?

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Our Products

Our digital solutions automate Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods processes minimizing compliance risk.

regulatory software

3D Packaging & Shipping papers

Training Software

3D course certifications & recordkeeping

Simulation software

Virtual reality for a skilled workforce

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Consistent regulatory information is key to ensuring the hazardous materials being transported arrives safely and on time.

Digital guide to compliance.

Humans make a lot of mistakes. When it comes to handling or transporting hazarous maWhy settle for anything less? We've come up with the simplest way to visualize Hazmat/DG Regulations.

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Our Solutions

We develop applications that provide the resources and infrastructure to ensure compliance and a smooth hazmat supply chain.

Regulatory Software

Hazmatica is a 3D real-time visualization tool that helps organizations comply with shipping regulations.

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Training Software

HazmaticaFST saves you money in development, travel, and time. 40-60% quicker than classroom training.

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Simulation Software

HazmaticaVR allows trainees to learn from their mistakes without risk. Learn by doing.

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Sea-Freight Segregation


Digital checklists


Virtual Tabletop Exercises

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Don't just talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk. At Hazmatica, we're no strangers to showing you how to DO compliance, while other companies just talk about it. If you're thinking “show me, don't tell me.” then Hazmatica is right for you.

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