Multimodal Hazmat & Dangerous Goods Shipping Program

Specialized tools and technology to gain a competitive advantage.

See if Hazmatica is Right for You

Is Hazmatica Right For You?

Spoiler alert: It's a valuable tool for any supply chain partners compliance toolbox.

Hazmatica compliments your current order system by providing frontline workers a digital interface to validate outer packaging, inner quantity limitations, markings and labeling, and shipping papers to ensure the shipment is compliant.

Without Hazmatica...

Filling out shipping papers by hand is a time-consuming and tedious task. Manual processes are a compliance risk.

With Hazmatica...

Predict what the shipment will look like, in real-time, with a few button clicks. Your current system can't do that.

Are the shipping papers correct? Are the proper placards applied to the vehicle? Stop spending valuable time talking to your customers about how to prepare a shipment and give them a resource like Hazmatica to do the work for them.

Without Hazmatica...

Talking about preparing a shipment is easy. Can you show them with all that data what the shipment looks like?

With Hazmatica...

A simple, web-based, user interface to view packaging, overpacks, placarding vehicles, and shipping papers.

Are your customers asking about 3D but you don't have the time or knowledge to build your own competency-based training or shipping program from the ground up? You don't have to. Become a Hazmatica Partner. Get started today!

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Shipping Programs

Let us handle all of the data and serverless technology, and focus on training customers quicker and efficiently.

Training Programs

Turn-key competency-based General & Function-Specific Bulk Hazmat 3D Training and Recordkeeping program.

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